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About Us

BADHAN is a voluntary blood donors' organization

The nimbus of Badhan started from the tiny corner of Shahidullah Hall of the University of Dhaka in 1997. Unlike the others working in the field of Blood transfusion, Badhan works with her own pace and passionate in organizing the donation of fresh blood. The esteemed dream of this organization is to create such a society where thousands of graduate/post graduate level students would be 'all time feel free' to donate FRESH Blood instantly for the patients and thus endeavoring the 'safe save' of thousands of endangered lives around the country. Since the establishment, it is working with own spirit and ideology despite many hitherto starting up difficulties. In course of time and mass support from the fellow members and activists, it is, of course now among the leading humanitarian organizations in Bangladesh. It is the biggest voluntary organization working in our educational institutions.

Our Mission

We want to make blood donation a social drive and a social movement with the ultimate goal that no-one in future will die from the lack of blood!